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We develop through life. Those who are able to continuously develop towards a sustained and desired change or growth do so, in part, with the help of others. This form of helping, mostly, is called coaching and advisory.

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About AA

Akintola Akinsanya is a Salesman, Speaker, Author, Political Scientist, Marketer, Sales and Life Coach, Teens Power Ranger, and Business Advisor who combines his experience of global savvy and creativity ingenuity with his intuitive understanding of people and events.


He engages and entertains audience (students inclusive) while providing practical solutions to their daily lives and business challenges. He is known as the “visionary with guts” for his persistence in going for his goals and dreams despite apparent obstacles or challenges.




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OUR Mission

Mission is to turn the leads into a conversation

AA is the convener of BeEmpowered Book Club and The Mentoring Mind Network. Also, he writes for iShine Magazine, a UK based magazine which specializes in publishing the achievements of Africans (especially Nigerians) both in print and online for a global audience.

Akintola is also an ambassador for The Nous. An organisation that share, educate and inform on various issues around mental health. With the recent turnaround of events, suicides, negative media effect on people, depressions, relationship breakdown, loneliness. At The Nous Organisation we seek to bring about awareness of mental health issues, the warning signs, coping mechanisms and ways to overcome it. We foster and focus on positivity, practical ways of living more meaningful life and connecting likeminded people on issues that matter to all.

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